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Astro Al will be playing at the following shows:

Arlington Porch Fest

Saturday, June 3
at 5:00 p.m.

One Broadway, Arlington

The Creature Double Feature Roundup #4
Saturday, September 23
71 N Main St.
Ezekiel Bates Lodge
Attleboro, MA 02703
11 a.m.- 6 p.m.
More details to come
The latest collaboration between guitar master Tim Mungenast & Astro Al has been born.
It is called Apostles of Vibrating Cheese.
This is a total freak out of a mind melting experience.
You can dig the sonic cheese here:

Astro Al has a brand new exclusive track on a wonderful charity music collection. You can check it out at the link below. Please check it out. It's a worthy cause.

Finally the first ever collection of Astro Al Christmas has landed. It's called "Aliens Abducted My Christmas Tree" you can check it out here.


It features one of the strangest songs ever, Congo the Christmas Gorilla!

Santa wants you to dig this album!


Work on a second collaboration album between Tim Mungenast and Astro Al continues. It'll be bigger, stranger, and more psychedelic than Radio Free Mars. 


Tim Mungenast & Astro Al have released a free full length collab album entitled Radio Free Mars
All new spaced out tracks. Strange words and Tim Mungenasts amazing guitar playing will take you out past Mars and infinity baby!
download and dig it here:



Welcome to the Deathless Night.
An all new ebook series by Count Robot from Astro Al.

A Meeting in the Night is the first installment of the six part short story ebook series The Deathless Night.
You can purchase the ebook from the link below

Click below to watch the youtube preview of A Meeting in the Night. The trailer is narrated in the voice of the star of the Deathless Night series, Ashlynn O'Kavangh, a vampire from ancient Ireland.

Deathless Night Trailer: A Meeting in the Night









Astro Al infects the internets!
We’re on more sites. Yes Astro Al spreads across the web like the mind altering plague that we are.
We’re now on Band Camp
We’re also on Reverb Nation
and we have a messed up Facebook page which kind of works


Art by Mark Reiser

RIP Mark, thanks for the wonderful art



Check out Count Robot’s blog for updates on Astro Al and other blathering weirdness


Astro Al was interviewed in It's Psychedelic Baby!
Read it, live it, turn on, tune in….



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May 22, 2017